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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Refreshments In The Garden

Refreshments In The Garden
6x8in oil on canvas $125. SOLD

I visited a good artist friend who has really beautiful 
front and back gardens.

Artist Note
In the mornings we stood and painted standing
in the shade on the west side of the house,
and in the afternoons we hauled our stuff to the east side.
I added to this when I returned home.
The white legs on the sunny side of the chair
jumped out too much so after placing the glass
over the painting
I added a front pot on the left side.
This also helped with a layering effect
indicating more frontal space than first shown.


  1. All the pleasure of the comfort of the garden, refreshment, nice break during the summer is in this painting, as a promise of serene joy .... I guess you
    in this wonderful atmosphere where vibrant colors make life more beautiful.

  2. This is a very welcoming painting and your colors are beautiful, it is a very serene place to sit.

  3. Beautiful painting and very nice place for relaxing with a cup of coffee !!!
    Have a nice week Julie !!!

  4. What a delightful space for sitting and knitting or reading a book with a nice glass of iced green tea...sigh...I think this is gorgeous, Julie!!

  5. What a lovely little spot!

    Nice composition too of course:) I like all of those little patterns and pops of blue!

  6. There is something so special about cozy garden spaces like this one. What a perfect subject to paint. This is so elegant and that checked love.

  7. ohmy!!!!! this is one of my favorites yet!! And I always appreciate your critical thoughts on composition when you describe each painting. Hearing your thought process has always been helpful!!

  8. A very peaceful painting, Julie. Excellent colors and beautiful details...!!

  9. Oh Julie - this is beautiful. I love the full spectrum of colors you used here too. The red cushion just draws my eye in. Makes me want to sit in that chair and enjoy the flowers. Thank you dear for sharing. Have a great week. It is good to be back visiting you again.

  10. Beautiful! Lovely atmosphere and colors.

  11. A beautifully balanced and delightful painting, Julie. Looks wonderful at this size in a horizontal format, too.

  12. This is a beautifully painted serene scene. I love it!

  13. You so succeeded in making the chair the focal point along with that tea pot. I can see the story. Great job.


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