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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Creamer and Roses plus a visit with Qiang Huang.

Creamer and Roses

6x8in oil on canvas panel $125.
to purchase click HERE

Overhead light is a favorite set-up of mine.

Artist Note
I enjoyed reading all the comments on mine 
and Lisa Graham's post about her trip out  to 
stay with me to paint after her mother's passing.
Everyone was so kind and warm hearted. it 
was food for my soul. Thank you all.

The day after Lisa left, another guest arrived.
Qiang Huang had just finished his workshop in
Cloudcroft, N.M., and had some time for an 
overnight stay with my husband and I
in Las Cruces before hopping 
on the plane the following day.
Qiang had to go back to Austin to
pick up his wife on the way to Oregon.
What a busy schedule he has!

He is lucky enough to be staying with 
Carol and David Marine for a few days before 
doing another workshop.

We enjoyed reminiscing about the two 
workshops I had organized for him and 
how Carol Marine had so generously
mentioned him on her blog after he took 
a workshop from her. She recognized his talent.
Carol Marine has helped so many artists -
including yours truly- to start online blogging 
as a way to develop an art career. 
David Marine had the skills and brains to 
help in areas beside the brush, and together
they created  Daily Paintworks
A true gift for hundreds of artists
...including myself..

Here is a link, if you one of the rare people who 
are not familiar with Carol Marine amazing art.

And ,of course...Qiang Huang (pronounced Chong Wong)


  1. Great post. As before, the personal brings to life so much we have heard about. My opinion, two great artists.

  2. Glad you agree. Are you going to do the 30 day challenge?

  3. Very nice post and very wonderful painting !!!
    Happy weekend !!!

  4. Another beautiful painting, Julie!! You continue to amaze and I think it is so cool you are meeting some of your online friends and learning from each other!

  5. Stunning painting, Julie. And a great evening of art talk, I'll bet!


  6. Your still life's amaze me not only because they are lovely , colorful, happy, charming and well painted, but you see to have such an extensive collection of still life bric-a-brack! Having recently decided still life was the handiest way to paint from life around the house, I've noticed my household is really lacking in objects I want to spend time with. Antique stores might become my next hunting grounds? :-))

  7. LOVE, LOVE this painting Julie! The colors and pattern on the pot is absolutely beautiful!! and I must say the background setting on the photo with you and Qiang is gorgeous! Glad you all had a wonderful time!

  8. Great painting and great photo. Since I'm in the Austin area now, I'm looking forward to trying to meet Qiang in person. I enjoy his blog and have a lovely figure painting he did. So much fun to see so many talented blogger out there....

  9. One more lovely post with a beautiful piece to enjoy, how wonderful to meet friends from virtual space, will that happen to me one day? :-)

  10. You painted that lovely creamer in such a beautiful way Julie. I see turquoise in the handle and in the background...gorgeous delicate touches. And lucky me got to see this one in person, including the gift of watching you work on it.
    The visit with Qiang sounds like a great one. You and your husband are so gracious.
    Sure would be fun to be able to sit and listen to you, Qiang, and Carol talk about art.

  11. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, Julie. I have enjoyed coming over here to see your beautiful work, and loved reading about your visit with Qiang Huang!

  12. I like your style. Fantastic!!!

  13. Such a nice picture of you and Qiang. You gotta love that guy....he is such a sweetheart!

  14. What a lovely Painting and Post. You have had an amazing artist visitor. Lucky you!


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