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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Watercolor - African Violets

African Violets
8x8 watercolor on paper  SOLD

Piddling with watercolor paint.
Relaxing. Trying to figure out a wallpaper pattern
 coupled with lots of little flowers - plus fracturing!


  1. ohhhh I love the "wallpaper"--it really works with the flowers! Could not be better!

  2. So fresh and pretty! Your paintings sure sell fast!!! That is a great thing, I know.

  3. That's a lot! Your flowers are delicate as always:)

  4. I love these African Violets, Julie. Nice work!!!

  5. Love your pattern in this one. Charming painting and reminds me of my great grandmother who kept violets in her window sill garden. Awe.

  6. This is a gem, Julie. Love the patterns in the background that add so much but don't take over and the rich spectrum of green in the leaves. An endearing, delightful painting!

  7. I love how you are able to achieve such loose brushwork in your watercolor paintings too!

  8. My word, you piddle well! Love the little watercolor, makes me want to try a little painting.

  9. How I love your piddling - is that a lot like puttering (LOL)? My grandma always grew the most gorgeous African violets - she just knew what to do to get them to bloom. I have one under my kitchen light and it hasn't bloomed in years...wonderful green leaves but no blooms (maybe it needs me to feed it (: !!)


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