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Friday, August 1, 2014

Waiting To Be Sliced

Waiting to be Sliced.

6x8in  oil on canvas panel  SOLD

This is a re-post. I have always liked this painting.
I see things I would do differently now, but have no urge
to  try and make it "perfect"...there is no explaining why some
paintings are like that and others drive me crazy.

Artist Note.

I have painted this cheerful, red colander before and it doesn't get any easier.
Especially with the fracturing technique. I am still figuring it out. Some things
are easier than others.

My colander was not a full circle because of my viewpoint which was not
directly overhead.
This is how I do a slight ellipse.

First I draw a square in the size I need.
Corner to corner to find the center
then half it both ways.
Make your circle as shown
Estimate the depth of the bowl and
the size of the base.
As I was looking into mine I could see
the full bottom with more of the sides
showing on the far side.
First I drew the horizontal line below,
but parallel to the first one (see in red)
add to existing center vertical - as
a reminder - and do a smaller, full circle
for the bottom of  the bowl.

In my case I did this first before I placed the lemons back into the colander.
It helps me understand the depth of what I am working with.
It is is not perfect, but it beats the heck out of making a box
in perspective to make the correct ellipse.


  1. Il en va de même pour l'écriture. Quand je m'ennuie dans un salon du livre (et c'est souvent), il m'arrive de relire des passages de mes propres livres. Il est bien évident que j'écrirais différemment certains chapitres...

  2. Very beautiful painting Julie !!!
    Have a happy weekend !!!

  3. I love everything about this painting - the colours, textures, the abstract shapes and colours outside of the bowl - it has such a sparkling freshness about it which is really apt for portraying fruit and I'm sure the egg tempera is the reason for that as the colours really jump using that method as I've seen with other painters. Just beautiful! Thanks you for sharing. ;-)

  4. Another very good fracturing painting some are better than others. Your best one is still the lemons in the blue glass.You seem to have developped a very good technique and I always like your notes, it is very generous of you .Monique

  5. A really fine painting, Julie!
    Thanks for the great tip! :)

  6. Julie, I think it this is a fabulous painting and I cannot find a single flaw in it. Really gorgeous and the lemons sure pop from the red colander. Love the tip on circle too!

  7. Such an interesting process, Julie. LOVE this painting and the way you painted the knife!!! so realistic! Glad you re-posted this...

  8. Beautiful, thanks for sharing your tips.

  9. Amazing painting and thank you for sharing this tip! I have a horror of those things that begin with the letter "e"!

    and thank you so much my friend for your very kind and supportive comment. it feels wonderful to actually feel like painting again! i am grateful.

  10. Much easier than my approach, I do the quick sketch and use a mirror to correct elliptical issues. Think I'll try this. Love the painting of course.

  11. it's still beautiful and i still love it!

  12. Rich, rich colors. Lovely to behold. Happy August, Julie.

  13. Your ellipse method is my ellipse method too. It saved a lot of time when I was drawing perspectives of interiors. Love the painting. While it looks effortless, we all know what it took and though it might have driven you crazy, you came through as you always do.

  14. Love this painting Julie...the colors are so rich and vibrant. I really do love the fracturing technique and you do it so beautifully!!

  15. I make the box, this looks easier! I love the yellow and red, you make it look effortless!

  16. Dear Julie - what a great tip. I struggle so with bowls, pitchers, anything that has ellipses. So thoughtful of you to share how you create these. Love the painting. Hope you are having a great week.

  17. What a beautiful painting - not only the depth of the bowl and beauty of the color but that knife balanced across the edges! Its all just perfect. Julie, I received my Utrecht art catalog in the mail this week and while browsing through it, I immediately noticed some of your fabulous paintings displayed within! Way to go! Your work is so recognizable and looks so wonderful on those pages!


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