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Monday, September 1, 2014

Solitude - 30 Day Challenge

7x5in gouache on paper  NFS

This the first for the 30 Day Challenge.
I have not decided if this is finished or not.
It was a very quick sketch 

Artist Note.
I did not join the last two Challenges
because of my previous Challenge experience.
My fault entirely.
It was pressure I placed on myself 
to do all thirty...on time!
I found my quality suffered and the creativity 
which was there at the start, quickly diminished.
So why do this one then?
Because I had encouraged some other 
guild members to do it,
assuring them it does not matter if
they do not complete one a day, 
and feel I should 
 at least accompany them on their journey.
So this time, if life gets in the way and I miss
a day, it's okay...
I will not march myself into the tower of London!

The Challenge has become so large that 
there is no way I can get to see all the artists.
Not enough time.
Thats a shame because I hate to miss out on 
 seeing someone's work I may like. 
I think I read  there were over 
600 artists from 17 countries.
I encourage you to click on the link to see
all the paintings. (You have to scroll down.)
Good luck and lots of enjoyment to all participating.


  1. Good luck on the challenge Julie, I shall follow you faithfully and if you miss a day or two...ok! Don't go to the Tower, much too drafty and not great for the creative spirit.

    1. LOL - very drafty indeed!
      Thanks Blanche. I keep waiting for a new painting on your blog.
      Please make me happy and post one.

  2. so glad to see you on here. Just scrollin through Day 1. Happy painting.

  3. Enjoyed seeing your challenge, too, and congrats on the gallery. It sounds like you have created a wonderful space.

  4. You are welcome to join and/or follow my Pinterest board of all the artists participating in the Leslie Saeta "30 in 30" challenge. Just send me your email so that i can send you an invitation.

    Thank you!

  5. Love the subject and your rendering.I see that you could both leave it and take it further. Thanks for the explanation about the challenge. I understand and perhaps by January I could give myself the same permission. I have been painting away and now need to concentrate on posting. September 1......a fresh start.

  6. Firstly, the perfect title for this painting... and I look forward to seeing more of your paintings for this challenge, Julie!! I will look at some of the Artists' work now!!!!

  7. Finished or not, I love this painting.

  8. Julie,
    Nice to partner up with you again on the challenge. I share your reasons for participating and will not put undue pressure on myself either!

  9. Bonjour chère amie,

    Le mois d'août est terminé, les vacances également... En ce qui me concerne, il est temps de reprendre mes habitudes... Je suis heureuse de vous retrouver et d'ouvrir à nouveau la porte de votre univers et d'y découvrir de nouveaux trésors. Très joli billet !
    Une peinture remplie de mystères... J'aime

    Gros bisous ♡

  10. Love this Julie! You will still stress, if that is your nature! I'm not taking part, I've never done the September one, as I am busy getting ready for my gallery Xmas show. I was tempted as I enjoy the camaraderie ! Enjoy your month! X

  11. Wonderful mood in this painting! Good luck with all!

  12. Very nice painting !!!
    Happy day and new month !!!

  13. Ahhh...the glamour days of Hollywood start right here!

  14. I can weave a whole story from this work, fabulous!

  15. Thanks for the mental check. I signed up for the challenge and I'm already behind!!
    It's all good. : )

  16. A great start to the challenge Julie!! I have decided at the last minute to join in as well!

  17. Julie - I think this piece tells a story - wonder who had been sitting there and what were they thinking about. Glad you are participating in the challenge. I have never tried to do this because I think I'd find myself overwhelmed. Looking forward to seeing other's art.

  18. I love it Julie. I don't think you have to do anything to it and I also think it would sell. However, if you insist, a pop of red would be great. Perhaps a single rose on the seat.

  19. Good for you for doing the challenge again with a more relaxed attitude. I love this chair Julie. I think empty chairs always have meaning...this one sure does. Excited to see what this challenge brings forth.


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