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Friday, September 5, 2014

Feathers and Eggs - day 5 of the Challenge

Feathers and Eggs

8x8 in watercolor on paper $NFS
Day 5.

These are Flicker feathers.
I am in awe of the markings and colors
these birds have.
Nature is truly a marvel.

I found it difficult to capture the luminosity
of the orange spine so I deliberately made the dark
background cooler.

Here are some Flicker
feathers from my collection.
Beautiful, eh?


  1. Your feathers and eggs are painted beautifully, Julie!!!

  2. What I like about your blog is to read about your constant plaisir for finding new ways of expressing yourself, always searching new method, new brush marks and laughing at yourself when things do not turn the way you thought,like this extraordinary quire bird you did yesterday. I really enjoy reading your blog.Monique

  3. Light as a feather, tight as a drum. Great composition. Great watercolor rendering. This painting makes me impatient to pick up with my watercolors in December. :-))

  4. You demonstrate .......light as a feather. Lovely.

  5. julie, i recognized these as flicker feathers the instant in saw them in the tiny pic in my blog sidebar. you have *completely* captured them! as a collector of feathers, i feel i'm particularly qualified to make this statement. ; )


    one who's found 2 flicker feathers in the last week

  6. You're on fire Julie! What a great start you have made on the challenge! Love the bird theme!

  7. You make simply drop dead gorgeous stunning art. Your art moves me.

  8. this painting evokes feelings of things good in the world.

  9. These are beautiful Julie. And now I want to see a Flicker! The colors and markings are amazing.

    I saw several feathers on the beach of Lake Ontario and thought of you.

  10. Totally agree with you on your nature comment; so stunningly beautiful! I can say the same for your art work!

  11. Gorgeous!! I like that that you are doing this challenge, for a selfish reason. :-) I get to see one of your beautiful watercolors everyday!!!!

  12. This is awesome Julie, nuances of nature portrayed beautifully.

  13. You're a great problem-solver, Julie, as in your comment about making the background cooler to better see the wonderful, warm oranges in the spines. You do these feather/bird/nest/egg paintings with such joy and love. What wonderful things to be passionate about!!

  14. Not only our those feathers beautiful - so is this painting. I collect feathers too and leave them laying all over the house. Some of them I know which birds they have belonged too but some it is hard to tell. We have flickers here but I don't think I have ever found any of their feathers. May just have to go looking for some!! Have a great week.


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