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Monday, September 8, 2014

Nesting - days 7 & 8 in the challenge

8x7in watercolor on paper $NFS

Days 7&8

Artist note.

I started this one on day 6, but things got in
the tennis finals and 
 Denver Bronco football.
No, not moi, but hubby is an avid watcher
of all sports..
When he became so ill last year I pulled 
out my old watercolors so I could sit and be with
him on weekends as he watched whatever sport is on.
The golf is my favorite because I look
up and see the most beautiful views.
It is tranquil with good background noise
to paint with.  By that I mean no screaming 
with excitement as someone is being 
smashed into the ground!

Anyway -  about the painting.
It looked rather too old fashioned because 
at first everything was so brown.
 I used Chinese white to add to some blue
and washed it into the background.

This nest is made up of dead grasses
and I am thinking a solid dark
background would make it pop...

My week's avian/nature theme is at an end. 
I start a new theme tomorrow


  1. Love your nest series. so soft...very good for the mind !

  2. The blue washed in works perfectly; it's a very expressive, balanced and charming painting. I really enjoy your work, Julie.

  3. Not sure what you did but this little painting is glowing on my monitor. What a nice way to start the week with this delightful little painting. thank you Julie.

  4. Despite the bad memories of the disease, you have taken the nest and I found amazing! What a great talent!

  5. Oh Julie in my humble opinion wouldn't change a thing about this painting. I am not the expert though and you are. So beautiful. I just love your avian series. Take care and enjoy the day.

  6. It is so pretty Julie, looking forward or seeing what your new theme is! X

  7. That little bit of blue.............perfect

  8. Wow, this is a lovely painting. I don't know if it old fashioned - it's just really lovely watercolor.
    Golf is sweetly peaceful as long as you don't have people shouting at the ball and throwing their clubs into trees.

  9. Hi Julie, I'm so happy to catch up on your blog and find so many beautiful paintings to admire that I've missed. The little light blue eggs sit so well against the earthy colors.

  10. Another gorgeous nest Julie! I can relate to your type of avidness when it come to sport, one year I became hooked on the Tour de France - but mostly for the scenery!

  11. Love the blue of the eggs carried into the background. So beautiful, Julie!

  12. This one is beautiful. Love those blues and browns.

  13. I never get tired of seeing your work, Julie! This is such a beautiful watercolor!!!

  14. love the colors, the texture and the feel of this.

  15. You paint the most beautiful nests ever!

  16. So lovely. I love the bits of blue, leading your eye.


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