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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Rose in Glass - days 19-20 in Challenge

Rose in Glass
6x6in oil on canvas panel

Days 19 - 20

Artist Note

It was Page Railsback 
(fabulous with color and design)
who commented on my previous post
that my work was so complicated
it was hard to believe I could do it in a day.
 And that made me think... maybe 
she was right?
I would try something simple.
Whip it out.
So here it is. - a single rose in a glass.
It should have been simple, right?
This little sucker took two days and 
I am still not sure if it is done.

See the amazing, colorful work of
Page Railsback HERE


  1. LOVE this painting, Julie!! Those subtle blues and beautiful design...SO nice!!
    I also love the rose...and of course, Page does wonderful work...I always enjoy the vibrant colors she uses on her paintings.

  2. Each one of your daily challenge paintings have been successful and strong, even I have marveled about your skill to maintain the complexity of it. Loved this piece so much Julie and thanks for sharing Page's link, enjoyed her work much!

  3. Oh Julie, this is so beautiful it makes my artist's heart ache! The way you've depicted the stem in the glass is divine!!

  4. Simple isn't simple! You have made this look like it is!! It's beautiful and I love soft colors as much as bold ones!

  5. Simplicity is always complicated ! :) magnifique peinture

  6. Super texture! And I love those delicate colors. Very nice.

    I found Paige's work just yesterday. I like it a lo!

  7. The palette for this painting is simply gorgeous!

  8. Be still my heart!! This palette is magnificent and the painting reminds me of one I have from you!

  9. Beautiful work Julie, I love the texture and colours, your work is so unique!!

  10. I can so echo your sentiment. I set out to paint a simple sunflower the other day and it ended up being a wiper :). But you pulled it off. Your struggles don't show as this is so elegant and delicate and the subtle light in it is just magnificent.

  11. So elegant, Julie. All that's needed is there, and it's perfect! Just like "the little, black dress" only this is a white rose.

  12. Well, finished or not I love the simplicity of this,so pleasant and soothing to the eye !

  13. There really is no such thing as simple, but you make it appear so. The colors are soft and subtle yet vibrant, I love the texture too!

  14. Once again, so peaceful. Love the limited palette. And is it ever easy? Sometimes but we have learned.........not always!

  15. so pretty and I like all the textures!

  16. This rose may be simple but it is so beautiful...I think the colors you used were subtle & that really sets it off. Sometimes the less complicated something appears it really is the most difficult to do. Certainly would not know that looking at this piece. You only have a few more days and then wow you can take a breath!!

  17. I was shocked at how long it took me to paint my first 6x6! Your simple rose is beautiful!

  18. This looks done to me!!!! Gorgeous Julie!


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