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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pansy Patterns - day 25 in the Challenge

Pansy Patterns

8x6in oil on canvas
work in progress.

Day 25
A colorful jolt to the senses!

Artist Note.
This is an older one I re-worked.
It is purely a decorative piece and I
still love having it around to
experiment on.

Back in late 2011
I did a series based on influences
from Picasso's work and cubism.
Using pattern and color as the main
focus it completely made me free
from the realistic motif of
light creating volume.
Good to have a change every so often...
especially near the end of a
Leslie Saeta 30 Day Challenge!
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  1. Dear Julie,
    This painting is so joyous! Makes me happy!
    Ouf, the challenge is almost finished ;)

  2. The palette says joy and light. Good for me..

  3. It's realistic, and an abstraction. great color interaction! Great composition! Pansies do have nearly hard edged designs. Good subject.

  4. This is wonderfully vibrant Julie! The fun you've had working on this emanates from every inch of it! LOVE it!

  5. Very different creation from you Julie, love the stain glass effect, the colors and patterns are compelling.

  6. Nice painting with very amazing colours !!!
    Happy weekend !!!

  7. It is beautiful, Julie!! Love those bright colors!!!!

  8. You know I am going to say that I like this one a lot! Color and pattern-what's not to love?

  9. LOVE IT :) Absolutely, you have a colourist's heart!

  10. Julie, How fun!!!! Just love it!! do more!!!

  11. Beautiful vibrant colors, Julie!! Wonderful work!!

  12. Such a vibrant pretty stained glass. I love that I have seen this in person! Makes me reminisce about a really fun week not that long ago. :)

  13. Very beautiful and so vibrant! I think it's more than a decorative piece and along with the influences of Picasso, it also makes me think of New Mexico or even Mexico! You always make beautiful art and I appreciate that you explore different styles sometimes. Jennifer:)

  14. Oh Julie - this is truly beautiful eye-candy. Love the way you can switch from one style to another. Love those brilliant colors. Thank you for showing this wonderful side of you!! Hugs

  15. Love this. Would you mind if I used this idea for my 5-9 year old class? I think they would love this.


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