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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cutie! - day 4 of the Challenge


6x6in watercolor on paper  NFS

Artist Note.
When I compare this to yesterday's
bird, I have to laugh. 
Did the same artists do them?
This one is obviously fresh and 
spontaneous - yesterday's was labored and 
 I became so frustrated.
This one is a quick recording of what 
I saw and felt...not meant to be a 
a finished painting.
Neither was the other.
I prefer different areas in each of them.
 So what happens 
to the eye, mind and hand?
Consistency is elusive.
Ask any golfer!

A new nest - on loan from a friend.
Better than flowers... for me!


  1. Still a mystery how you paint your beautiful nests !
    Love this one best but yesterday's nest was nice too...

  2. Consistency is elusive. Should be a bumper sticker for artists!
    Yes, fresh and spontaneous. Again and I a background and foreground girl. I think it is my quilting background. Loving each post.

  3. Lovely, Julie! You are right, it does not look labored at all. Fresh, energetic! Very well done! Bravo!

  4. Julie - I truly do feel the spontaneous beauty of this piece. Your birds and nests are always a delight to see. Hope you are having fun with this challenge - good luck.

  5. Very cute, Julie !!!
    Have a nice and creative day !!!

  6. Merveilleux Julie ! Les couleurs et l'attitude de l'oiseau sont formidables ! Merci d'être venue jusqu'en France pour visiter mon blog !

  7. I like yesterdays better! Not that you asked! But maybe some of your emotion came through more today. Either piece is wonderful to my eyes!

  8. I think it's wonderful to be "fresh and spontaneous"....very nicely done, Julie!!
    I have been told to paint that way as a study but it doesn't work for me..!! I would love to meet the bird that taught you how to build a

  9. Best little 8 x 8 piece of spontaneity! I LOVE LOVE him!!
    Oh that bird have thoughtful friends.

  10. I love this little bird, and that nest is so cool!


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