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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Experimenting - day 27 of the challenge

Single Pom


Not for sale.

Artist Note
The following is a handy and 
creative way to break up your 
color/value areas if you want to try for
a looser effect, but enjoy painting smoothly.

Start with a random black/grey white paint
patterns on canvas or paper.  You can drip, 
splatter or place, but use a generous amount.
(I used gesso)
Lay another piece of paper or canvas
 over it and
gently press and lift straight off.
It will look similar to an abstract  
mono print
Next I used a palette knife to 
smooth some areas, but if you like what you
see, then leave it alone.
Let dry.
You have two abstracts to work on.
Next draw what your subject will be.
Mine happens to be a pomegranate.
I used a rigger brush and thinned oil paint.
 Let the fun begin. 
I started with transparent colors
Adding some opaque paint where I did
not want the dark underneath to show through.

I am going to do a landscape with the other 
piece of paper - which was the one used on top..
The possibilities are endless.

I want to thank Mary Maxim for 
saying such nice things about my blog on the 
It plays on Thursdays, 
but you can pick it up at any time.
Leslie Saeta hosts the show and is the energy
which makes it work. Mary was the co-host 
for this month and came up with fabulous 
ideas and art information.
If you are not familiar with 
Mary's truly amazing paintings 
you can
check them out HERE

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Thank you for the tip, Julie ! I will try it for sure.
    Have a lovely week end too!

  2. Hi Julie, I have enjoyed all your challenge paintings. You always make your work catch the eye, linger and then wish one could paint as well! You are a wonderful artist!

  3. Beautiful Julie! I have tried doing this, trying to "see" something out of the patterns and then taking it off from there, they have turned out better than my planned ones!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh Wow! What a wonderful technique.and Such a gorgeous painting. I absolutely love the abstract patterns in this.

  5. Thank you for sharing, great tip and so worth trying. Just beautiful, have a great weekend.

  6. Hey thanks for the link and kind words Julie! I like the way the mass of color here isn't "heavy". It is broken up with just the right amount of lights and white showing through. love the color depth too, as always

  7. Can't wait to try this.
    You got a great result.

  8. Such fabulous color and there is something that reminds me of book prints in this piece.

  9. I love your pomegranates Julie! Not many paintings to go now!!!

  10. What a clever idea for experimentation. Having the imprint to work from it kind of gives one a visual starting place from which to begin. This will be fun to try!!

  11. Love the abstract trick and will give it a try. I enjoyed Mary's blog, thanks for the introduction. As for your painting, another beauty. Just keep them coming, I'm here to enjoy.

  12. Thanks for sharing Julie, I'm going to try this it looks like fun! Love the way you experiment. The Pomegranates are so rich and colorful!

  13. What a genius idea. I am definitely trying this right after the challenge is over

  14. Thanks for this brilliant idea, Julie!! :)

  15. Wow - this is a super plan Julie - one I just have to try. Will let you know how it works for me. Thanks for sharing. Hugs

  16. Thanks for sharing this idea... it will be something I will try when needing to interrupt the crazy!!


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