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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mr. Quail - day 6 in the challenge

8x6in watercolor on paper $NFS
Day 6

Artist Note
If it was not for its strong dark head, the quail
would be hard to see as it scurries through
the desert outside my door. 
I tried to capture
some of the lost and found 
feeling I was experiencing with
this watercolor sketch.
I also used a Derwent Dark Wash pencil
to start me off.

One more day and I will move onto into 
my next theme
for the Challenge.


  1. The layers are so well done Julie, excellent camouflage feeling for the evasive subject. Nice depth and substance.

  2. I say Mr. Quail looks pretty gosh darn good from here. Love the colors.

  3. Love this!! You master both watercolors and oil, Julie! How do you do it!!!????

  4. You really caught that "now you see you don't" look, Julie! I truly admire your dedication in taking on the challenge.

  5. My very favorite bird. Love the lost and found.. and the mystery of the desert.

  6. A gorgeous painting Julie! I love the translucence of your colours. How wonderful to have these birds just outside!

  7. Julie -beautiful ...I certainly can see that quail scurrying. Amazing that you were able to capture so well that elusive bird. We have pheasant here. The male doesn't scurry but he sure struts for his leading lady. So fun to watch. Have a great week.


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