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Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Favorite Place - Days 13-14 in the challenge

A Favorite Place
6x8in oil on canvas panel  $125.

Purchase HERE

days 13 and 14

Artist Note

A dear friend's kitchen is where some
of the best Mexican food around
can be found.
I also could feast just on her chosen
palette of colors. Gorgeous!
I asked if I could paint a part of her room.
Received a yes...goody!

She shooed me out before I had finished yesterday
because she was preparing for company.
So back I went today...and as well as painting,
ate the best leftovers you could imagine.
As I said, a dear friend, who incidentally,
sweetly threaten death
if I mentioned her name on my blog.


  1. This is so WARM, and cozy.
    How SWEET!

  2. What a fun story and what a direct and fun painting. I am wanting leftovers!

  3. Yes, wonderful colors, wonderful painting!

  4. A beautiful and warm room to paint, Julie! Wonderful work!!

  5. I loved this instantly, and then I saw "Las Cruces". New Mexico has been calling me, I hope to move there in the next couple of years. My Dad's family is from Canjilon. Green Chili, warm sun, warm people. Your painting transports me there.

  6. I adore this painting...everything about it, the colors, the shapes, the texture! Ah, and I can just imagine the best Mexican leftovers too!!!

  7. So full of warmth, just as is your friendship with this lady!!

  8. A friend who cooks well and loves bright colors as seen in this painting! Very nice!

  9. A lovely setting whose owner shall remain anonymous! Just love all of those bits of turquoise and red and blue against those warm walls. Very inviting:)

  10. I am continually drawn to your work! Rich with color and texture!

  11. heehee, Glad you took the risk under "threat of death"...her colors & style are beautiful...and you have done them painterly justice!! It's a breath-taking painting & looks to be a very inviting place!

  12. Oh Julie - those colors are so much how I picture a home in the southwest. This is fabulous. So glad you got some left-overs too (LOL)! Hugs. Have a great week.

  13. Wonderful painting Julie, you really captured the atmosphere of warm and inviting.

  14. Such a cozy scene. I especially love that turquoise against the wooden color of the chairs :)

  15. You certainly captured the warm and friendly atmosphere, Julie. Hard to believe it's 6" X 8"'ve included many wonderful details in that space. What a great story to go with it!

  16. Love the turquoise green amidst the warm setting, Julie!

  17. Julie, I am enjoying your post so very much. The warmth and cozy atmosphere shines in this wonderful painting. Just love your work.

  18. It is a spectacular piece Julie, the colors are so beautiful!

  19. What a beautiful palette. You did such a super job here.


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