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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Watercolor Floral - day 28 in the Challenge

Watercolor Floral
12x9" on Yupo paper

Day 28

Artist Note
I am trying new colors and a 
truly, truly
limited palette with watercolor.
One red - one blue and one yellow.

I have experienced continual cloudy days and
I find it has really
affected my color vision.
It also has provided me with a deeper understanding 
of the old master's paintings 
when brown was 
dominate in the background.
 Candlelight was their major source 
of illumination at night and on 
rainy days I now feel I understand
what it was like.
Explains a lot!

I have been presented with more fresh
pomegranates and think I will remove
the pears in this still life and 
put at least one of the poms in. 
That is the beauty of Yupo.
Wipes off clear back to the white.
I will show you tomorrow what it 
looks like with the changes.


  1. This is amazing, Julie! A beautiful watercolor and its amazing that you can make changes with Yupo with just a wipe!! I look forward to seeing the changes even though it looks beautiful already!!

  2. Beautiful ! And your reference to the old masters is very interesting!
    Do you like Yupo ? Do you recommend it?

  3. Wow, the power of a limited palette. this is soft and lovely. And thank you for the last post. I cannot wait to try it........went down today to do it and got distracted. But I was painting!

  4. Very wonderful flower watercolour painting !!!
    Have a nice and creative week Julie !!!

  5. I like the effects on YUPO!
    You really have a special painting here.
    I love viewing your work and blog = )

  6. I love your work on Yupo, inspires me to give it another try. thanks for your very generous comment on my blog post of my Australian Hobby falcon

  7. Beautiful! Great observations on color and lighting! I look forward to seeing the variation with the pomegranate. It is an incredible paper if it wipes off so easily.

  8. Three colors and a variety of shades for this very sweet watercolor ! Good day to you!

  9. I am a big fan of brown and cloudy days! The neutral sky and lack of real shadows really bring out the colors. It's good stuff.

    Thank goodness for the Yupo and a do-over though your piece is lovely as is:)

  10. The luminosity you achieve on this Yupo paper is phenomenal Julie. I love what you have wrought from your limited palette!

  11. This is awesome - you sure have a way with that slippery Yupo paper. I think your colors are fabulous...looks like a lovely peach hue. Just so pretty. Can't wait til tomorrow to see the end result. Take care and have a blessed day!!


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