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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Looking, Watching... - day 3 of the Challenge.

Looking, Watching!

7x5in watercolor on paper NFS

Artist Note
I have painted this little goldfinch
several times, and I have 
many little sketches of him and his less 
colorful mate, busy building their nest.
I thought I could just pop a little painting out
as I was very familiar with the subject.
You would think I would know better by now. 
Painting is unpredictable. is the darn "Challenge" and 
I thought with panic... I can't miss after
only three days
So I moved on to do a different bird
and just to let you see how frustrated I got
here is what an exasperated brush 
can do!  See the complete loss of white paper.

Oh boy!
Back to the goldfinch to see if I could
rescue it. By this time I am tired and frustrated.
Pity Party Time.
I had classes all day at the guild, 
and did not start painting until 8pm. 
I was tired as in midnight tired.
Hubby dearest suggested fresh eyes 
in the morning would help.
 I splattered and used some 
chinese white on the nest.
Have to think about it some more...
But at least I posted!


  1. absolutely astounding! i feel your pain but your work doesn't. congratulations on taking the challenge. i can't wait to see what what's coming next! this goldfinch is stunning and i like the exasperated brush version as well!

    1. Thanks Suzanne, I know you understand what its like. Harder still for you as your work is perfection itself.

  2. Beautiful, Julie! I love the little bird and appreciate seeing what your painting looked like when it didn't work out. Fresh eyes always help.

    1. Fresh eyes do indeed help.
      Thanks Celia. Are you doing more wonderful sketches?

  3. Reminds me why I did not participate. But you showed the challenge of it all. Good thing. The top painting has the most beautiful neutrals. You always demonstrate something worthwhile.

    1. Ha - thats funny. True though,
      Helen. Neat paintings you did of apples. I like the colors.

  4. wow, Julie...this is really beautiful!! Fantastic bird!!!

  5. Way to hang in there, Julie! Not every painting can be a masterpiece - but you sure saved this one! He is lovely!

    1. Thank you Tammie. Love your blog. What a nice one to find.

  6. Bonjour chère amie,

    Je pense que mon ami Léo le toucan serait ravi de rencontrer ce bel emplumé !... Un challenge difficile et que je ne serais pas capable de tenir, tant je suis lente !
    J'ai tellement besoin de prendre du temps pour créer et peindre. C'est un peu comme déguster un gâteau ! Je sais, on peut engloutir le gâteau par gourmandise ou prendre le temps pour le savourer ! Les deux solutions ne sont pas négligeables !!... Il va falloir que je réfléchisse à tout ça !! ☺︎
    Gros bisous

    1. I really appreciate your lovely words. Thank you.

  7. I feel the pressure, Julie . Let's hope it gets easier, you will get into your stride I'm sure xx

    1. It must be the way we were raised. if you say you are going to do something - then you do it. Right?
      I give you permission to miss now and then and you do the same for me.

  8. Interesting bird watching through your wonderful paintings !!!
    Have a nice and creative day !!!

  9. The phoenix arises. Yes, sometimes it does take a step back to go forward. The little finch is lovely and contrasts well with the underpainting.

    A challenge is a bit like having a commission looming. There is a need to produce but a niggling feeling of annoyance at having to do so at the same time. Sometimes pressure has the opposite effect on creativity. Good luck with the rest of the month in the challenge.

  10. I am blown away with your nest and goldfinch pieces..Your work is magnificent Julie. I didn't take the Challenge this round but will look forward to seeing your work

  11. Wow great composition.The colour is gorgeous, too.

  12. The painting is lovely with the focal and the abstraction contrasting each other. I appreciate your honesty and can relate to the unpredictability of the process. I'm struggling with a bit of a clunker myself right now, wondering if I should scrape it or continue to experiment in hopes of a happy surprise and breakthrough, I'll give it thirty more minutes.....

  13. The painting itself doesn't look like it was done with any frustration, rather good planning and great execution. It is just delightful! Your technique works so well with watercolor!

  14. Nothing is more difficult than trying to paint after a long day. Hubby is is the cure. But this sweet finch...makes me happy and peaceful to look at him. Way to hang in paid off!

  15. This is wonderful, great texture :)


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