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Monday, September 22, 2014

Trio of Calla Lillies - day 22 of the challenge

Trio of Calla Lilies
6x6in oil on canvas panel $100.

Purchase HERE

Day 22

These are the type of calla lilies that are grown 
as a house plant.
Pretty, but nowhere near as gorgeous as the ones
that grow outside.

Artist Note.
We still have cloudy skies so my still life set-up
has a very dull cast to it. This is a great
opportunity to 
work with neutralized colors.
For example - the background pinkish
tone was originally a Napathol Red base
with a yellow/green mixed in with it.
I used Naples Yellow to lighten.
The leaves were made from Ultramarine Blue,
Perm Yellow and Transparent Brown Oxide.
 I also added a tiny amount of background
color mixed in - here and there.

I miss my sunshine!


  1. So interesting about the colors on this particular day! You are such a sensitive, knowledgeable artist. The painting has a strong sense of atmosphere, and now I understand why! Beautiful work, Julie!

    1. How nice of you Katherine - thank you.
      What a wonderful tutorial you have on your present post. I encourage all to visit and enjoy it.

  2. Replies
    1. Oh boy - CHIC! I like that. Thanks Sue.
      I am impressed you took the time to talk to the 8th graders on a career in art.

  3. I have always loved Calla lilies...these are beautiful, Julie! ..I especially like the background color! You're doing so well with this challenge!!!

    1. Glad you think so. Thanks for the visit Hilda. This is a busy time for you during the challenge...catching up with us all!

  4. My life resumes   the usual rhythms. Now I come to admire your work on the challenge of Leslie. Every subject that you painted has its own particular mood.
    The vitality of the sunflowers, the transparency of the water in the glass with the rose ,the swing of calla lilies ...
    I like the interiors so cozy ... I would be there within these corners full of atmosphere.
    My daughter is about to change again and move from Warsaw to Houston ... next December.
    Maybe one day we can really meet. I hope to improve my health to travel and visit the United States,next year.

    1. Well...well, dear Rita. What fabulous news to know you will be visiting the US next year. Warsaw to Houston. What a change.
      Thanks for taking the time to scroll thru all my challenge posts.

  5. Bonjour chère amie,

    Ce trio d'arôme est majestueux. J'aime la douceur des couleurs.
    Vous avez la simplicité et la dextérité de rendre encore plus belle la vie. Un beau talent !
    Gros bisous ♡

  6. Very pretty Julie! In fact, I would say they look quite jaunty those three lillies!
    Keep up with the good work - I'm a couple of sketches behind but hope to make up lost ground tomorrow!

  7. Pure and lovely, there is just something about Calla's . Do you paint with a brush or with the palette knife to get this effect ?

  8. I find it so hard to paint on flat days, Julie. You pulled this off perfectly, with just enough highlighting on the lilies. Well done!

  9. I love the beautiful tapestry of colors ...the texture is a wowser!!!

  10. Those lilies dance...........neutrally! Yes.

  11. You know I love those neutrals you use. This combination with the pink (rose) works beautifully to complement the varied green of the leaves. An elegant work!


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