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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Turquoise and Orchid

Turquoise and Orchid
8x6in oil on linen  Gifted.

The photo is not too clear and has caught a 
bit of a glare.
Sorry. On vacation and do not have my usual set-up.

I love this little vase. I mean I really love it, and was 
devastated when I accidentally knocked it off
the table and saw it shattered into many pieces.
Our host and good friend, understanding my loss
miraculously glued the jigsaw of pieces 
back together...patiently sanding angles
and matching shapes. It took hours.
What an eye!
What a really good friend.
He grows orchids so this was a gift for him.
MY time for His time seems right... doesn't it?

Sunday, July 20, 2014


8x6in oil on canvas SOLD

Still on vacation and using this time to repost some
older paintings.
Re-post from May 2012
Thank you for still paying me a visit and commenting.

The incredible painter Abby Ryan came up with the the
 Daily Paintworks Challenge this week. The Yellow Challenge

Abby asks the question - what does yellow mean to you?
Easy - sunshine, happiness and feeling good.

This time I thought I would see what it was like to explore fracturing
with painting the lemons in water.

My palette was:
Titanium white
cad yellow light
Naples yellow
Indian yellow
Light red
Transparent brown oxide.
I put some yellow in every color I mixed.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wanna Be World Famous

Acrylic on paper 
(This is a re-post as I am still on vacation.)

I was invited to enter a show featuring paintings of women only. 
On my pondering of the place of women in art, I thought of the Mona Lisa, 
reportedly the most recognized portrait of a woman worldwide. 
Then thought of all the famous artists' who have painted portraits 
of women in the hope to reach the same status. 
So far none have achieved Leonardo's stature. 
(I think Vermeer's Woman with a Pear Earring is coming close)
The gallery informed me this piece was sold to a museum in Denmark.

Picasso-Portrait of Dora Maar Seated
Leonardo Da Vinci - Mona Lisa
Van Gogh-Madame Ginoux
Cezanne-Young Italian Girl
Egon Schiele-Seated Woman with Bent Knee

The hardest part of this painting was the research of paintings of women
which would conform to my vision of them sitting 
together round a table...a universal theme the world over.
I started laughing when I picked the first two and even more 
so at the end
I adored the way these women looked totally bored ...
They must have been muttering as they posed...will he EVER finish!
Only Mona looks content, and after this painting I wonder why?
Any guesses?

Monday, July 7, 2014

New Mexico Kitchen Sink

New Mexico Sink

8x6" oil on canvas panel SOLD

I am on vacation and, yes...thank you...I am
enjoying a very relaxing time. 
We have been visiting wonderful friends and
I have painted every day
This painting is a re-post from 3/13/13
Off to visit son #1 today in his new home. FUN!
Hubby at home guarding the fort!

Artist Note.
It was Lisa Graham who sent this comment on

my last post of a Chili Ristra hanging by a door.
"Whenever I see a Ristra I always think of an old
Mexican kitchen with a large window over
the sink and shutters. 
Then I want to make enchiladas."
I could see the image she created so clearly in my
mind and this is what I came up with.

As this developed entirely from my imagination,
it kept on growing when I added items as I
recalled them. Most likely from the many,
many kitchens I have been in in Mexico and
El Paso.
Hand painted tile, no granite. No dishwasher.
Garlic and Chili Riestra's hanging by the window.
Tomatoes ripening on the windowsill.
Casual flowers or pretty weeds in a jar.
If she painted it...
Lisa's version most likely would have a plump,
motherly type rolling out the flour tortillas.
All painted in her wonderful unique style.
See her work HERE
Thanks for the inspiration, Lisa. I enjoyed
painting this.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy July 4th

Happy July 4th, 2014
8"x8" oil on canvas panel
(Blue is not quite as vivid as it looks on my monitor)

Hope you are all having fun with your
loved ones on this Independance Day.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Meet Mr. Gull

Meet Mr.Gull

8x6in oil on linen  SOLD

Artist Note
This is a repeat from an old post .
This is a quick sketch from the photo of a gull on
back in Sept 2012

I decided to repost some old posts during this month
and with vacation time/gull season upon us
I thought  it would be fun to revisit Mr. Gull.

Working from a photo is hard for me, but seeing I do not live
among the gullies, I gave it a go. I also used the fracturing
technique. Poor Gull!
I want to tell you about the canvas I used. SENSO
It is a primed linen, but the priming is a clear acrylic so the natural
color of the linen can be used to advantage as a middle value and
neutral color. I buy it in pads and if there is a painting I do which
I like then I mount it on a board.
I left some of the linen showing as this was a sketch and
I wanted to keep that casual feel.
I really like this product.

With picking up an "old post" I see that the
comments also followed along. I do not know how
to keep them with the 2012 version and not this one.
Does anyone know?

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jessica Seated

12x9  oil on canvas
study - life class

I usually jump at the chance to paint from 
a model...especially a clothed one.
Jessica had a nice roundness to her body which I liked.
She fell asleep so was perfectly still. 

Artist Note.

I started off finding the shape and proportions in a 
transparent red. I had pre-mixed a batch of clothing 
and background colors while waiting for the right pose 
to be found. I painted fast and 
scooped up the paint for texture. The red showed through
in places and I liked the look so 
came back and outlined with red here and there.
Not my usual way to paint, but enjoyable and that's what 
it should be all about. Trying new ways and  
treasuring the moment.  Right?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Watercolor Studies of Mr. Chomp

Looking for Lizards
unfinished watercolor study

It has been a long time, but I have painted Mr. Chomp before.
He belongs to dear friends and is a rescued cat
...saved from a nasty traffic accident 
after being discarded in the road when he was
about 2-3 weeks old. My friend stopped her car
and dodged the moving traffic to grab him safely up.

(There has to be a severe consequence somewhere 
along the line for people who casually discard animals)

Much loved and taken outside on a leash for an hour
each day, Mr. Chomp rewards everyone by being affectionate
 and entertaining.

Artist Note

Using a Moleskin book, I didn't draw first, 
but went right into using washes of color.
Mr. Chomp was not staying in one position for long
The paper is smooth and buckles slightly with watercolor.
it adds nicely to a bit of puddling.

 Mr. Chomp kept moving around in different positions, but finally...slept!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Apples Blossoms

Apple Blossoms

14x11in oil on canvas  SOLD

This one was done back during the actual blossom time.
I have painted blossoms in this vase fact I do 
one every year because I love the combination.
It is larger than my typical daily painting so I did not
post it - it went straight to the Phillips Gallery here in Las Cruces.
A beautiful gallery and I feel so fortunate to
be in there. I rather liked the painting so
I was delighted to hear it had already sold.

Artist Note
Classes are finished for the summer and before
I take off for the month of July I am having some
extra shelving put in the classroom.
Quite a project. One of the members of the Guild
is a top-of-the-line carpenter and he offered his help.

First, he hung plastic sheeting to keep the dust 
out of the gallery area. 
It impressed the heck out of me, but then I remembered
he is also an artist and would think about that type of thing.
I moved my easel back 
there too so I could carry on painting.

Saw horses were erected and wood cut to size

Here he is patching an area.

 More to follow next week. Rich is off visiting his son
who is a Green Beret, for the weekend.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Workshop Demo and Artist's Work.

Radish, Garlic and Scallions
6x8in oil on canvas SOLD

I always get pumped up when I do a workshop.
I keep it to six artists so I can really get around
to helping each one develop the fracturing technique
to suit what I see as the most natural way for them.
This one had 6 fabulous artists creating  
several new paintings each day.
But first they had to start off by watching my
different mark making using the full blown
Fracturing Tool technique.

this was the demo.
KNOW NO FEAR is the the motto!

We start off with basic exercises to learn the Fracturing.
I show some of those on my FREE Art-Byte tutorial called
Tools Needed for Fracturing
see HERE
(Have a look at all the other great tutorials
they have on Daily Paintworks.)

Here are some of the artists work
(Click to enlarge.)

 Everyone was encouraged to go about learning 
the Fracturing in a really free, "know no fear" manner.

Kathy arrived from Hawaii so water was a natural theme
to begin with. 

Here are the exercises by Phyllis above...
and Mary's apple below

Margaret went wild with beautiful colors
and then outlined as an experiment.
We all liked it!  

Below is Lindy's still life.
Not finished as it was a timed exercise. 
(I am looking forward to seeing it finished)

There were a few more I did not get a good 
photo of - an apology to the artists

Next we went into landscapes using a pink base.
Below is one by Denise. 
This is the view from her window

And the one from Kathy - glorious color!
That is Hawaii again!

Lindy produced the one below.
A more gentle use of color than the one above but
both artists see their local color very well

 Enjoy this one by Phyllis... a colorist by nature
(she worked on a much larger version of this later)

Next we went into more "refined" fracturing 
where each artist explored the degree of 
the technique they felt a comfort level with

Lindy did this little treasure

Kathy created a glowing fruit painting

Mary found she enjoyed 
just a little fracturing at the start
- helping her to loosen up.

 Mary also found the fan brush 
is fun - especially for fur

Lindy started painting larger as the days went by.

Margaret  found that "gentle fracturing" worked 
best for her

Kathy resisted the urge to "tidy up" too much and 
worked on warm/cool vibrations using beautiful color.

It was a wonderful group of talented, fun and generous 
artists who allowed me to work them hard and 
push each of them out of their comfort zones. 

I am incredibly grateful and humbled that 
they were willing to travel the miles and place 
their trust in me to help them in 
their personal quest to keep growing as an artist.