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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pansy Supreme

Pansy Supreme

8x6in  oil on canvas panel   $125 SOLD

What's not to like about pansies? They are sturdy, colorful and
have a happy face. Best of all they provide visual pleasure
throughout the winter months. Summer months too, if you paint them!

Artist Note.

One of the advantages I find by painting loosely is the ability to suggest
something by color, without rendering it perfectly.
In this case, I first painted the focal point with the correct form of a pansy.
Once this had been established I could then make any shape,  and as
long as I repeated a color or used the very distinctive yellow center,
it would read as a pansy.
Here is a close up to show you how abstract the one above the focal pansy is.

The mind makes it a pansy because it is next to a pansy of the same color.
Also the little touch of a yellow center is code for pansy.

Here is the yellow center again but look how abstract the shape is.
Put your finger over the yellow center and you will find the
shape gives you no sense of a pansy other than color.

The mind is a wonderful thing.

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  1. You demonstrate a very valid point.....and yes the mind is a wonderful thing.Your light an dark paths just carry me through the painting. Lovely.

    1. Thank you,Helen. Good to know we are of the same mind.

  2. I just love your rich and luscious way of painting, I'm sure I already said that along the road, this is so gorgeous as is the pansies painting below. My pansies are still going strong in the garden. And yes the mind is a glorious thing , a part from playing tricks with you , you can almost have a parallel life in your mind :-)))

    1. Great way of putting it - a parallel life in your mind. I like that Jane. So true. Thanks for the complement, too.

  3. It's lovely, a wonderful direction Julie. It's amazing how little we really need to say as painters, and the mind just takes over! But if you didn't have the classical training and drawing skills I don't think your work would read as well as it does. It's very sophisticated and I feel like it takes alot of hard work to make it look so easy.

    1. You are very astute, Bruce. These little suckers take a few hours to paint. I do get totally involved and time flies by.
      Thanks for the great comment.

  4. Yes, Julie...The mind is a beautiful thing...and this is a beautiful lesson! Thanks!
    Love the painting! Now, THAT's what I call Painterly!! :)

  5. Thanks, Dean. Your cat is pretty painterly too - I loved it.


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