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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Young Trees

Young Trees

6x8in oil oil canvas board   $125. SOLD

These lovely young trees caught my attention as I was
painting another view. This was painted in April.

Artist Note.

I did not manage to finish my still life of those struggle days!
I did this a while ago and never put it on my blog as I really liked something
about it, but was not sure what.
I have never missed a day blogging yet so decided to put it on.
Does that happen to anyone else ?

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  1. How long have you been posting every day? I love your work.

    1. Hi Carol. I have been posting for over a year now.
      Thanks for the complement.

  2. Good Morning Julie!... My first visit to your site ... glad that I did!

    Your floral still lifes are vibrant in colour... a nice incorporation of abstract with reality... painterly and well executed!

    This landscape is right on the $$$$! Great contrast through a skilful juxtaposition of light and dark!

    I'll be back to check in!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

    PS Yes... life does get in the way at time and keep us from our intended paths. Being creative means finding a way around the "intruder"! HA HA!! (As you so ably have proven here!)

    1. Wow - I should frame this one - thank you, Bruce

  3. More often than I'd like! But I feel if I don't fail sometimes, then I'm not really pushing myself to grow artistically. No risk = no reward!

    1. Good thought - thank you Bruce. I must be much better way of looking at it rather than getting frustrated.

  4. Life does happen and it lets us grow. David Marine says in one of his FAQ for Daily Paintworks to not post anything unless you are really proud of it. This gives me permission to be more selective. I also still work out of the home 3 days a week which can interfer.
    You are so dedicated and it shows. The painting above is simply lovely. It has beautiful darks (LOL) and vibrant color. The path through the painting is so well done.
    I agree with risk, no reward!

  5. I should change my name to Bruce. I agree with both of them, Wonderful landscape of White Birch saplings. Different for you from what I've seen since becoming a follower, but with all the same vigor.

    I love what Bruce Bingham said--having just had a couple of days like that--should copy it in script and nail up the sign.

    1. It is good to hear someone as competent and seemingly self assured as you, has days like that too.
      Thanks for sharing that with me.

  6. I'm just so impressed that you've never missed one day of blogging!
    I love this little painting, it really speaks to me. I love your shadows and the colors you used for the woods.
    I too have days when nothing works...I have such a hard time of letting go and wiping the canvas but some days you just have to!

  7. You are great, Karen. Thanks for the complement and also for sharing you sometimes...wipe off!

  8. I really , really love this..the abstraction, the very strong contrasts, the lovely colors and light in the foreground...fabulous !


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