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Friday, June 8, 2012

Turquoise and Pansies

Turquoise and Pansies

8x6in  oil on canvas board   $125. SOLD

Guess who has a turquoise mug? Correct - a gold star for YOU!

Thank you for the many warm comments I received regarding the
DPW Spotlight interview
I have completed a painting every single day for over a year
now. Not always easy, but the friendships I have made and the
fellowship of many of the other daily painting bloggers have
added a dimension to my life I would not have thought possible.

Artist Note.

I usually paint from life, but the pansies are gone so I went back
to when I did a series of pansies and picked a couple of views
in the same light source, and copied only the flowers.  (I did set up new props.)
If I say so myself, it was a great idea.
How come I have not thought of it before?
How many others do it I wonder?
Try it and I bet you find an improvement over the older version.

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  1. Only you can take pansies from a past painting and create a new piece!!! What an idea! I would probably ruin it by putting shadows and light where it doesn't belong! LOL. This is beautifully painted..Gorgeous colors, Julie!!

  2. Hi Hilda. I know with your ability you could do it. All you would have to do is set the light source up the same as in the old painting.

  3. Brilliant turquoise! Fantastic painting! :)

    1. Thank you, Maga. I am enjoying your series of cats.

  4. All those days of daily paintings have really paid off, Julie! You have a gorgeous style that is uniquely your own. I can recognize your paintings among the thumbnails of the DPW site immediately. I admire them so much! I'm a recent follower, and am looking forward to many many more!

  5. What a wonderful, uplifting comment. Thank you so much Ann.
    I loved your impressionist demo.

  6. the pansies are beautiful and the colors are stunning!


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