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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Purple and Alstroemeria

Purple and Alstroemeria.

8x6in oil on canvas panel  $125.

White Alstroemerias. I found them difficult to do without making them too
hard edged..
I love them though for three reasons.
They come in many colors,
are inexpensive,
and they last a while under lights.

Artist Note.

Warm and cool colors are important to me in my work.
I try and punch the contrast more than what I actually see.
Here are colors I made up before I started the painting.

Cool on the left. Warm on right.
I added white  to a middle value
and I can  bend them up or down
from there.
I made the yellow lighter on the cool
side so you could see the full range.
I added purple to cool and darken it.
I made the greens from these colors.
Anytime you add white to a color it
cools it down so to lighten the warm
colors I add a little yellow.

Here is a close-up showing the warm
and cool of the vase and flowers
My light source is warm so the shadows
are cool.

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  1. HI Julie, Thanks for your feedback on my Carnations painting today. Love your blog, signed up to follow today. And congratulations on your 400th blog post- I'm up in the 200"s so I know the kind of commitment that takes. Your work is beautiful!

  2. Great compliments. Fracturing really enhances this set up. Lovely.

    1. You are correct. Thanks helen.
      Some things go better with fracturing that others. Goal is to be able to do everything with the technique.

  3. There's that lovely purple again! Truly beautiful Julie and I love Alstroemerias, I used to have them growing in my garden.

    1. Yes - I love color and flowers.
      I am luck to be able to paint what I want to.
      Thanks for commenting Karen.

  4. Another beautiful painting! I've been working on the warm and cool colors as well. I say working on, I should say I'm conscious of this while painting. Although, it's not second nature yet! There are so many aspect that go into a painting and you've definitely got it down! I have a wonderful book by Vicki McMurry that addresses this subject quite well. Thanks again for your great blog!

    1. Thanks. I googled Vicki's art - wow!
      Thanks for the lead.


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