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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Four- Not Three

Four - Not Three

6x8in oil on canvas board 100.

The title comes from the "rule" in painting that you should have an odd number of things in your set-up. One, three, five etc. Well, this started off as three but using the boat shaped bowl made the design move in a definite direction and I realized when I was near completion that it did not please me. I put a piece of glass in front of the painting and painted another apple in several places until I reached this position. Maybe having some of the apple going out of the picture allows it to be not quite the unwanted even number of four. Maybe a title change to
Three and Half - Not Three?
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  1. I love this painting. Beautiful job on those apples. And I love the purple in the shadows. I think the addition of the fourth apple made the composition more pleasing. Nice job!

  2. Thanks, Virginia. I can tell you really looked at it.

  3. I noticed that this is really a painting with 5 objects. The dish is one, the three apples and the one apple. You actually have an odd number or 3 odd numbers in your painting. Pat Lawrence

  4. Good point and I thank you.
    My reasoning was not about the number of "things" in the whole painting but the bright, featured apples.

  5. Enjoyed the visit here today Julie! This is looking like a story to me,,a 4th one trying to become a part of a family of three,,some hesitation there but still holding good together!


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