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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Seeing Red

Seeing Red!

6x8in oil on canvas 100.

I thought the Daily Paintworks, Limited Stroke Challenge, sounded interesting and gave it a go. Credit goes to artist Nancy Colelle for this challenge.
After you have drawn in your still life and before you begin to paint, you give an estimate of how many basic strokes you need for each object and when you start to paint, you try and stick to it. I found I was sweeping the brush around forms without lifting to try to not use too many strokes and then wanting to go back and correct the accidents. To keep score you make a mark for each stroke next to the painting. I did about 39 strokes and then added the 6 they count?
The beauty of this exercise is it keeps you in a limited range of values and teaches you economy of brush strokes. No dibby-dabby-do painting here! If you are an artist, I recommend you try it.
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  1. Julie, this is outstanding! Love the mystery in the background and simplicity of light and shadow on teapot and cups. Great favorite of the challenge!


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