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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Palette Knife Red Onion

Palette Knife Red Onion

8x6in oil on canvas Board $100.

My previous painting with the onion took so long that it started to sprout!
This one was fast and fun. The colors never get muddy when using a palette knife. I think the best rule is to "follow the form" with the strokes. The use of the knife is good for an artist like myself because right off the bat, it breaks up the edges which gives a different appearance. I love to do landscapes with the palette knife for that reason.
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  1. I like it for the very reasons that you explain. This makes me consider a palette knife (never use one)Could you tell me if you use a medium, and is it the same as with a brush and what makes a good medium formula? I whish I could be freeer in my way of painting or as we say "more painterly". I live in France and it is fantastic to share our thoughts over the internet. Love your tea cup challenge.The best, so that has led me to discover you!

  2. Thanks, Monique. I use no medium usually but when I do I mix my color with RES-N-GEL.(Weber makes it) It is a totally none toxic medium in a tube and has a buttery consistency. The most important thing is to buy a good knife that is flexible. I use Holbein 1066S series I recommend you start with #41. is a great place to get it from and they are on sale at the moment.
    Keep in touch if you have any more questions.


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