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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fracturing the Floribundas and Great Tip

Fracturing the Floribubundas.

The beautiful roses are starting to wilt so now is a good time to try
to learn more about fracturing them. So many small petals are impossible to do.
Capturing the colors and overall shape is more what I am after.

Artist Note.

Yesterday, in my blog's comments, Lisa asked how I prevented getting MUD.
It is a common problem all oil painters have to solve so I told her how I worked.
See my reply...also on yesterdays comments.
Below illustrates what helps me the most.

This Great Tip is about a little gadget I make for everyone I teach.
It is really cheap and works better than
the more expensive art shaper.
The purpose is to be able to lift off the paint cleanly.
It is also much more flexible than the one you buy.

Here is a step by step.

I get a razor blade scraper/holder
from Harbor Freight or hardware store
They are $1.99
Make sure they have the
screw at the top as shown.
Next to it is a piece of squeegee

I cut the rubber
to the size of the blade.

Unscrew and trim rubber if needed.
The piece of rubber I used had a
ridge which I removed

Here is the completed, small squeegee.

How to use it?

Say your paint is too heavy
or you want a lighter
transparent shade

Just glide your shaper
as you would a squeegee
and lift cleanly off.
If you wish to return to the
white of the canvas then use
Gamsol or your preferred turps.

I use a 6inch squeegee for my large paintings, but this is marvelous for small ones.
On tomorrow's blog I will show some neat techniques you can do with it in
either oil or acrylic.

Hope you found this helpful, Lisa!

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  1. Wow Julie! You are amazing! I'm so glad to have found your blog. I use the little hand tool (shaper) or a rag or paper towel. This looks like it would be so much easier and cleaner to use. Thanks so much for sharing... I love your roses by the way...:)

    1. It is more flexible so can do things the shaper doesn't.
      Thank you so much, Maria.

  2. How cool is that gadget! Thanks Julie! Thanks a million for sharing because I never would have thought. I have a ton of oil paints my friend gave me and I have been wanting to use them. You might have just given me the bravery to give them another try!

    1. Thanks, Lisa. This gadget works with acrylics too and neat things happen with watercolor. Trying it with your mixed media paintings could be fun!
      Your mothers portrait is especially great.

    2. Thank you Julie. I have bookmarked this post too so that I can go get a gadget soon. I can't wait to try it.

  3. That is just a great idea! I've never used a shaper and always used a palette knife to scrape away paint, but this is the perfect size and easy to clean, and undoubtedly works better than the knife.

  4. Good to hear from you and I hope you try it.
    I love your button eyed dog and congrats on it selling.

  5. Thanks from me also Julie. And did you hear me thanking you when I poured out my Gamsol the other day? LOL. cleanly. It was great.
    Would you talk more about fracturing? Is it a learning exercise or a syle of painting you like in certain ways? I feel like I am missing something. Those colors are glorious......

  6. Great to hear you already tried the Gamsol tip.
    I am still working on learning the fracturing. When I explain it it I want to be consistent... I am not there yet. It is absorbing.

    Love your abstract!

  7. I have to ask, wide is the small shaping tool?
    I'll check back here.

  8. I read this post today and went right out to buy a paint scraper and a squeegee. What a great tip! It was a great help to me with today's painting. I am having a good time painting roses. Yours are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing!


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