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Monday, May 21, 2012

Lemon with Cans

Lemons with Cans

6x6in oil on canvas panel    85.

For the Dailypaintworks Challenge - Seeing Double. Where two paintings
of different sizes have to be done from the same source material.
This is the other painting done from the same set up as yesterday.
I just moved my easel slightly and zoned in on the cans.

Artist Note.

Here is the grouping in the studio. All these things I had recently painted and
placed on the counter ready to be put away,
but as I was walking past them the colors caught my eye
and I found them beautiful.

yes...that is masking tape in the top
right corner! My level below it.
The plum and little vase was
replaced by the lemon and lime.
The turquoise pencil was right there.
It all looked perfect so I brought my
easel over and painted it as is.

I had to be careful not to have both cans too shiny so I made the closer
one more detailed. The cans were the most difficult thing to do with
the fracturing technique.

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  1. Beautiful grays,very harmonious palette. I appreciate the serendipity of "just walking by" and seeing those items and colors with a fresh eye!

    1. Thanks, Anne. Can you could relate. artists seem to always always notice color and shape

  2. Just beautiful, Julie. I absolutely love the fracturing technique on the cans..yes, it does look like it would be the most difficult part but it looks amazing! Congratulations.

  3. The texture of the cans provide a wonderful contrast to the texture of the fruit. And the colors are eye-catching. Beautiful painting.

    1. Thanks, L.W. Colors may seem brighter to you because of your wonderful charcoal work

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Myra - just saw your new drawing blog and it will be a
      sure-fire hit. Love it.

  5. A lot of artists paint ordinary objects that look perfectly ordinary. But you really, really make the ordinary extraordinary, Julie!! It's always a delight to visit, oh how I'd love to attend a workshop and get a glimpse of how you do the fracturing. Very exciting!!

    1. Wow - this has to be one of my favorite comments of all time. Thank YOU, Diane.

  6. This painting is really looking beautiful in to the lemon with Cans. I really want to become this painting.

    lemonade stand design


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