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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Peoples Choice Award - O is for Onion

O is for Onion

12x12  mixed media  

I was in an Invitational Fruit and Vegetable show recently and was
amazed to find out I won the Peoples Choice Award.
The top artists in the area were participating and most of
them have very contemporary attitudes in their work, so
I thought if I wanted my work to fit in, I would allow myself to go a little
crazy with my piece.
Imagine my surprise when I arrived at the show to find
nearly all the painted works were hard edged and beautifully realistic.
All of it was very, very good.
One of the reasons I was amazed to win.

Artist Note.

I used acrylic paint and glued down a couple of actual pieces
of onion skin. I used the handy shaper I demoed in yesterday's
blog to create some dispersion of pigment into gel medium
and splattered and smudged, having a lot of fun. I threw in a
few tears and decided it was done.
Not my typical work but it is good to let go now and again.
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  1. Congrats on the honor. Very nice piece worthy of the award.

  2. Thank you, Carlene. I like your three lambs.

  3. I sure am not surprised that this piece won. It is so wonderful and just has that quality to make you keep on looking and looking studying even the smallest detail. Congrats.....

    1. How nice to hear it made you want to look closely. That's a great comment. Thank you, Angela

  4. I am with Angela, not surprised you won at all. This is such a great piece. The colors are perfect. It has the look of oil...the gel you used perhaps? Congratulations Julie!

    1. I am interested that you think it looks like oil. I know the surface quality doesn't but we cannot see that on the screen.
      Maybe it is because I used a lot of the paint transparently.
      Thanks for a neat comment and the congrats!

  5. You work is amazing in all approaches. This is very nice and there is no surprise that it won. Congratulations.

    I now have a blog ( and would love to link to yours as one of my blogs that I frequent. Would you mind?

    1. Hi Louise - thanks for double complement.
      Congrats on getting a blog.I will be sure to check it out.

  6. I wouldn't be astonished at all if I were you, your work is fantastic and over the top beautiful , you deserve all the prices in the world. I am a big fan :-))

  7. What a lovely comment. Thanks Jane...I am such a fan of your work too


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