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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Slow-dry Lemons

Slow-dry Lemons

5x7  acrylic    sold

Three lemons are fun to paint.
I am one of three daughters (middle) and I reflected on the differences
between I was trying to set up the lemons from
different angles, sizes and shadow areas.

Artist Note.

This is in acrylic.
I am going to do another one and try it a different way.
With this one I put Slow-dry in the mixtures to keep them
nice and soft. Acrylic took some getting used to for an oil painter like me.
The colors hues seem to be completely different than oils, even with the same
color name. I only seem to use it when I want to try something new or dry fast..
I use a Styrofoam egg carton for my acrylic palette.
The cups are deep enough to keep the paint moist longer
and a damp, folded paper towel fits in perfectly so you can
close the lid, have lunch and come back to find everything still very moist.


I also keep them as a reminder of the color palette I used for different paintings.
They stack open really well.
Styrofoam is a horrible material for disposal into the landfill, but one of our high
schools has a garbage machine only for Styrofoam and the kids place their lunch
containers in it...unwashed! It makes solid blocks to be used as paving blocks
and other building parts. Quite brilliant. I love the school for getting it.
Guess where my old palettes go!

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  1. lovely painting. Great idea with the egg carton, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Carlene. I see you use watercolor as well as oils and I liked your pencil drawing too.

  2. Julie, this painting is so beautiful. I get the feel of looking through glass at the lemons. You did a wonderful job!

  3. Thanks Maria.
    Most likely the reason you feel you are looking through glass is because of your really neat window series. You did a great job making the glass reflective.

  4. Acrylic or oil , your work always has your signature style and is amazing ! I am the youngest of four sisters and we are all totally different from one another which we often marvel about :-)

    1. It thrills me to read that you think I have a "signature style!"
      Thanks, Jane.

  5. Hi Julie. Love the lemons. I just revisited the fractured beauty from a couple of days ago to compare. With the lemons, my eye keep trying to find a horizonal to break up the strong verticals but the other painting which also has strong verticals does not seem to call for it. Interesting. Maybe the difference is a stroke or two. Darned if I know. Anyway it is a beautiful painting and of a favorite subject. I will have to pull some lemons and give it a try.

  6. you painted these lemons so beautifully, Julie. Wonderful colors and unique style. I can see why you sold this one. Congratulations...

  7. Thank you Hilda. I am going to explore other ways to paint lemons.
    Your blog portrait is so beautiful.

  8. I really enjoy your paintings and your color co-ordination and also thank you for the information on how to keep the acrylic paint, what a clever idea.

  9. Good to hear your comments and I thank you. I am waiting for another delicious looking pastry on your blog!


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