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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Demo for the Guild

Demo for the Guild

14x11in oil on linen   not for sale

This is the demo I did for the afternoon session yesterday.
It is not a finished painting and there are still a few things
I want to take care of.

Artist Note.

Below is the underpainting. The rose colors and greens are done using
 transparent colors.

I notice the dark green at the top of
vase is too strong and is basically right
in the middle of the canvas.

I lifted off the green paint on the vase and repainted it a
solid white...well, slightly different shades of white!
    See below.

The single rose was too full-on and
competed for focal point. I slightly turned it sideways and added leaves.
I changed the color of the band on the bowl and placed a couple of
petals in water.
I allowed the shadows on the right side to balance the weight
of the cluster of objects on the left.

The general opinion of the group was an appreciation
for seeing the changes take place and the reasons why.
Painting is always an adventure and an understanding audience
makes demos much easier.

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  1. How beautiful...was this painted all at once? I've tried oils before but working with all the different colors turns to mud. I would love to see you work. Your students are lucky.

  2. Hi Lisa- yes, this was painted in one session.
    Regarding mud...the secret to beautiful color in oil painting is to not overblend. A common error is to keep trying to correct an area and the more you stroke the paint, the "muddier" it becomes.A simple light stroke to place the color on first and then, if it needs correcting, you place an even lighter (pressure not color) stroke. Two attempts that is it. I always remove the area cleanly and start again.
    I have come up with a handy gadget to do this and will show it in my next blog.
    I am blessed, the members of the guild do let me know they feel lucky to have me as a mentor.

  3. When I opened to your blog WOW! is what came to mind.


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