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Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Friend Came With Snapdragons

A Friend Came With Snapdragons.

8x6in  oil on canvas panel   100.

Lucky me. I do not remember painting snapdragons before so I really
enjoyed doing them. The colors are beautiful. Thank you, Karen.

Artist Note.

I painted them outside in the sunshine to be able to really see the gorgeous colors.

Yesterday, I said I would show some more techniques using the home-made shaper.

On the snapdragon painting above, I was getting
into trouble so I lifted out the problem areas without
getting into muddy colors caused by over-blending.
I had not used staining colors so it went back to the
white of the canvas,

Patterns can be made by turning the
tool sideways. Handy for fences etc.
This is a staining color so it is great for
all kinds of layering.
The shaper is also handy for lifting out
other types of light areas. See next.

I am using the same bit of canvas so
there are some "lift off" areas at the top. 
On the right I used a staining green
with purple so when lifted off, here and
there, some interesting layers can happen.
I painted the basic shape of a rose at
bottom. Looks messy I know but this is
about the principle involved, and not perfection...
(good job only artists are reading this!)

Zooming in on the rose...
I used the shaper to lift out where I wanted
the light areas of the rose petals to be.
This is where the flexibility beats
out the shapers you buy.

The rose is easy to finish with the paint
already lifted off beforehand to
show where the light pattern goes in
I left the transparent areas in some places
and placed green over the lifted out green area.
This is not a finished painting, only a demo
to show the use of the shaper.

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  1. Well well well. What a wonderful lesson for today. Thanks can't wait till tomorrow.

  2. Thanks, Angela.
    I love the rabbit you did.

  3. Beautiful snapdragons. They're such a happy colorful flower.

    1. Thank you Susan. I love your buttercups too.

  4. beautiful painting! funny I was just wondering how to paint a rose! very good demonstration!

    1. I do appreciate the lovely attitude you always show up with

  5. Fantastic Julie, what a brilliant tool.

    1. Glad you think so but not quite ideal for watercolor although I have used it to shave back watercolor to leave texture marks.
      Thanks Jane

  6. Can't wait to share the tool with my husband. He will love to do it and I will love to use it. Snapdragons are lovely!


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