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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunflowers and Polka-Dots

 Sunflowers and Polka-Dots

8x6in  oil on canvas panel  SOLD

This DPW Challenge is by the fabulous artist, Carol Marine.
The Polka-Dot Challenge . I was asked if these Challenges are
competitions. No, they are held weekly to stimulate and
share work with other artists. Anyone can submit to them.
They are fun and you see some really creative ideas
and  lovely paintings.

I had set my mind to paint something yellow today
so it was easy to place sunflowers into my neat, polka- dot jar.

Artist Note.

There was a request from Maga, on today's post asking what I had learned
about becoming more comfortable with using yellows when I did
my series of lemons.

First and foremost... never use white to lighten, only to mix the highlight.
I think that had been my main problem.

I used Holbein - Naples Yellow Italian to take the acid touch out of
 Cad Yellow Light - I had three brands of CYL in my box, trying to find one I liked
Richeson - Unbleached Titanium. (fabulous for lightening warm colors)
Windsor Newton -  Indian Yellow. The only brand I like for IY.
Windsor Newton - Cad Yellow deep.
Rembrandt - Transparent Oxide Brown.  Beautiful with the Indian Yellow
to reach darker shades, keeping them transparent
and adding a bit of Naples to move into
a lighter area before adding cadmium yellow

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  1. This painting is a beauty ! I appreciate your tips on the colors used.

  2. Thanks, Carol. I liked your sunflower too.

  3. Love your polka dots and your sunflowers too!

  4. Enjoying these sunny paintings! and thanks for he tips on how you use yellows, very useful

    1. Thanks, Nigel, You capture the sunshine so well in your paintings.

  5. I love the sunny sunflowers! Thank you for your tips on the yellows and for your special comments on my blog. I feel like I've found a mentor! This is a fun challenge and I love painting polka dots. I better get busy painting!

  6. Stunning. Actually, sunflowers occupy half of the painting but give the impression of their ubiquitous abundance. Because you've beautifuly closed the composition by repeating yellow in the right bottom. Really good.
    And yes, Julie, yellow is completely tamed by you!

    Thank you very much for sharing your palette. Really interesting and useful. One question: this orange shade comes from Indian yellow or cad orange?

    1. Thanks Maga. You were the inspiration for the sunflowers when you asked about yellow.
      The deep orange shade is Indian yellow with just a touch of transparent brown. No cad orange in here.
      I did use some of the red from the rim in the purples and pinks...that warms everything up.

  7. I really enjoy this color discussion. Can you expound on mixing white with yellow? What is it that rates a 'NEVER'? I dislike yellow so much I've resorted to using only Naples Yellow and W&N Indian Yellow. Both colors do wonderful things. Have you arrived at a 'best' white?

    1. Hi LS,
      When I mixed white with the cad light or pale I responded to it with dismay because it was not what I wanted. Too acidic somehow.
      I found that Naples differs by brand and there is a lovely pale one out but I like the one I mentioned. If I add white to it it is still clear and clean. I use LaFranc Titanium white.
      Quang Ho recommended it. It takes longer to dry than my other whites but has the perfect consistency. The Richeson unbleached titanium is fabulous and different in hue from the other unbleached titanium I have tried. Cheap so it is work trying a tube.

  8. Beautiful piece, Julie! I'm not sure how I missed it...I love sunflowers....and the process!!!

  9. I love the painting. Thanks so much for the info on mixing yellows.


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