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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Grand Prismatic Pool - Yellowstone

Grand Prismatic - Yellowstone

6x8in  oil on canvas panel  $125.

If you are wondering what on earth this is besides color, you will not be alone.
This is abstract by nature and execution.
It is a composite from memory. One of the more difficult pieces I have done with
the fracturing scumbling the mist on here!

Of all the spots we went to in Yellowstone, this is the one which
made my heart beat
faster and my eyes and mind go into orbit.
Words seem inadequate to explain the surreal experience of walking in
and out of
mystical mists exposing gorgeous blues and turquoise
next to brilliant rust, orange and yellows
...only for them to disappear again.

If you have never been there, then check this video our friend and guide, Dave Hon, made.

Huge crowds gather to watch Old Faithful blow a plain white blast into the sky,
but it has nothing on the emotional level of this misty beauty of power and color.
In my humble opinion of course...

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  1. CaraJulie, when I think States
    my heart goes out in the Canyons.
    My daughter has come in the States "on the road" and when she wish something nice for the future, she says, "all of us together one day ... we should go in the Canyons"!Valentina's heart was impressed by the Grand Canyon, by Brice Canyon and Zion park! Now your paintings bring me there already!

    1. Lovely to read this, Rita - thank you for sharing your daughter's pleasure of her visit. Maybe you will come one day too?

  2. Julie, I am really enjoying your waterfalls, etc. I could not get your link to the message the "that page is not found"

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the link Carol...bummer. I have placed another link on.

  3. Muy particular y bonito tu estilo, es distinto. Me gusta.

  4. Beautiful, feels like water, spray.

    1. Hi Jean - Good to know you feel I captured what I was feeling.

  5. Your style always impressed me but to see how you captured the beauty of Yellowstone makes my heart beat faster!! it.!

    1. Thanks so much, Hilda. Pleasing you makes my day!

  6. I've never been there but you have brought it to me! Beautiful earthy colors in this abstract!

  7. Your humble opinion counts for a lot with me. This painting does say everything you've written . I can feel the spray. The copper rocks and the water are fantastic. You are a highly skilled lady with that tool of yours.

  8. The Prismatic Spring is indeed an amazing thing!!! You've turned me into a poet, Julie!! Lol
    When I first saw the painting, I thought what the ?????...though it was pretty. Now it makes complete sense. Great job!


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