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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Soda Butte Creek - Yellowstone

Soda Butte Creek - Yellowstone.

6x8in  oil on canvas board  $125.

Stopped and ate lunch by the creek
at Warm Springs Campground near the north east entrance to the park

Artist Note.

This was painted from a watercolor sketch in my book. Across the creek it
was cool and dark with light areas filtering through.
The other page is from the same spot, but looking outside the campground at the creek. 
I should imagine that is the "Butte" the creek originates from.
One view is intimate and the other 
quite the opposite. I sat and painted both views during a picnic lunch. Two, very patient
men with me. Their job was to watch out for bears!

The problem when painting from these little sketches is
figuring out what I had not done in detail. Like the exact type and color of rocks.
I should have made notes!
I did have the tiered, waterfall effect and the warm areas in the sun to follow.
I rearranged the rocks for better design.
I am getting more comfortable with doing landscapes with the fracturing.

I am having problems with blogger leaving some type in a white block
Does anyone know why this is?
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  1. Hi Julie - I enjoy seeing your work. I too, am having the white block text sometimes. I don't know why this happens. I hope someone can give us an answer!

  2. Your interpretation of the scene has so much energy - its a feast for the eyes!

    1. Hi Susan. Glad you stopped by. I keep checking to see if you have new work.

  3. Thanks for visiting and letting me know, Nancy.
    I enjoyed seeing your plein air work.

  4. This is lovely. Great to read about your source materials too.

    1. Thanks Jean. Love the piece you did on your iphone.

  5. This is really inspire me to put in more small nuances and structures. My work is all about simplicity, but I feel that I have to keep moving and try new things. Thanks for the inspiration. =)

    1. I will treasure this comment, thank you, Roger,

  6. This journey through the American parks with you is beautiful!
    Julie,thanks for sharing, notes, sketches and masterpieces!
    Have nice Indipendence Day!

    1. Thanks Rita - I wish I could read everything on your blog, even with the translator I only get your answers to comments. But the images are simply beautiful.

  7. I like the fracturing treatment, it works for me! It conveys an energy and excitemmment. Thanks for posting the sketchbook drawings too. I sometimes put sketchbooks in my exhibitions and often find people spend much more time looking through them than they do the framed work.

    1. Thanks Nigel, I came up with it because I was in a workshop and the teacher told me I "tidied up too much."
      My family love my sketchbooks too. Never thought of putting them out at a show. I guess they are more intimate ( and not for sale) and people will enjoy that.

  8. I'm not having any white block problems...but try checking the "edit Html" tab on your post editor. Some tags might show up that need to be deleted.

    The fracturing is splendid on the landscape, Julie!
    The dark value colors are especially amazing!!

  9. Thanks for the hint - will try it,
    Thanks Roger. I think the dark's work because I keep them pretty transparent where possible.
    Your own post is perfect for the 4th - today.

  10. I love the dramatic colors of the stones on the left side, fabulous contrasts !


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