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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cactus Nest

Cactus Nest
8"x6" oil on canvas board 100.

This amazing home has been intricately woven with fine strands of threads torn from the yucca leaves. Inside it has plenty of feathers glued with spider webs, lining the bottom. It is very deep and I can see how protective it would be for the eggs. This one I found outside after a strong windstorm. I live in New Mexico and have seen nests like this in the cactus so that is why I named it Cactus Nest but if anyone has the actual birds name I would appreciate them letting me know.


  1. Your nests are gorgeous. I can't imagine the patience it took to paint them. What an inspiration!

  2. Thank you Audrey. Actually these nest are so interesting for me to paint that patience is not involved. Time flies by.
    I am also doing some rather large ones and these smaller ones work out the problems for me.
    I notice on your website that you also work your larger landscapes from small pieces.
    Your paintings are lovely so your complement means a lot to me.


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