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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Out of Tea

Out of Tea.

6X8 in oil on canvas 100.

Another in the red series. I love this little metal, tea tin.

The reds were easier this time. I used orange to lighten so it did not get chalky. I enjoyed painting the metal inside of the tin and then in contrast, the china cup.

I asked my husband if it is called "a tin" over here and he said, "no...a container."
I have been in this wonderful country for a long time now and I do remember one of our sons
coming home with a rintintin joke so I think maybe he could be wrong.
I do not understand why after all these years I can still get mixed up over the spelling differences...colour etc, pronunciation...tomato etc, and items like this red tea tin. And I still call the car trunk, the boot!

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