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Friday, July 1, 2011

Flo's Nest

Flo's Nest
6"x8" oil on canvas 100.

Another completely different nest. I expect to most viewers they all look the same but as I carefully study them before I paint them I am struck by the differences in nest construction and the materials used.
This beauty is narrower at the top, broad and low at the base with a lot of woven, soft materials like moss, lint and even bits of newspaper. The form of this one reminds me of my grandcat because she has a "skirt" hanging down underneath.
My friend found it under some pine trees and mentioned that the oak leaf suprised her as there are no oak trees for miles around.
Neither of us know what type of bird built this nest.

Flo Hosa Dougherty is a wonderful artist and she loaned me this nest. Thank you, Flo.

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