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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dijon and Onions

Dijon and Onions

6"x8" 0il on canvas $100.

The Farmer's Market here in Las Cruces has been named one of the top ten in the country. It also has crafts.
I went with our guests and found these brilliant, red onions to go on the grill. The more I looked at them I found I wanted to paint them as red is always an interesting challenge. I really enjoyed doing this piece so I have decided to paint some more red things. I appears to be one of my favorite colors as I have collected quite a few still life items in red.

I have painted this mustard jar quite a few times because I love the red, white and blue lid.

Regarding my nest series....I am out of nests to paint in this small format (done them all) but am doing some larger ones and having a fabulous time.
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