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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10 Minute Challenge

10 Minute Challenge

8x6in oil on canvas board  nfs

The Daily Paintworks group I belong to has Carol Marine's 10 Minute Challenge, this week.
Since I have been painting a series of roses I thought it would be easy and fun to participate by painting one. Well, it was fun at least, but easy?  Nope.
 The Challenge is open to everyone who wants to participate. All the Challenges are stimulating because they push you out of your comfort zone. For this one ( very abbreviated) you set a timer for 10 mins to do each square. The last one you paint should be better than the first one.
If you cheat and keep on working on it (the temptation is strong) you are depriving yourself out of a wonderful learning experience. I didn't get to finish the backgrounds on my first two squares and because the rose was opening up under the hot light, the last one was fuller, but it is the most complete one so I feel the system works.
 I really wanted to go back and fix up everything, but am giving myself a gold star for staying true to the rules.

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  1. These are beautiful! Hard to believe you did them in only 10 minutes!

  2. I give you a gold star as well!! You did so well with this challenge! Beautifully painted.

  3. It IS hard to believe you could do these in 10 minutes. I tried to paint some plums (basically a circle!) and I had a hard time getting them done.


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