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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Good Book!

Good Book!

8x8in oil on canvas board  125.

The Plein Air Painters of Southern New Mexico (PAPSNM) were invited to the Mesilla Bosque yesterday morning to join a varied group of exhibitions. I was painting the wonderful adobe buildings when I saw this gentleman who was fully engrossed in his book. It was fun doing this quick study and afterwards I managed to get a couple of different women in at the back of him. Everyone is moving in a situation like this so I think it is an excellent memory exercise.
I remember at art school we had a course where we had to study the model in one room and then go and paint from our memory in another room.
As you can imagine - this was a complete break from the roses and very brave of me to show you something not quite up to par.
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  1. Follow-up on previous comment.. I did some research on my own about this pallette. I am so proud of my post on the subject! Totally not me or my style, but maybe people like you have given me a new perspective! LOL

  2. I agree you are 'brave' and I do admire the generosite with which you american people shares your knowledge and doubts with us.


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