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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rose Study #6

Rose Study #6

6x6in oil on canvas board  85.

One of the things Qiang Huang taught us was to try and and use value conservation - as few different values as possible. Dark, medium and light. I thought I would try it with this study. Using white roses helped. Another was to use value as a design tool and you can see I used the white roses, linking them at an angle across the canvas.
I think this is my final study of roses. I can see that I am starting to get familiar with the shape of a rose.  I am going to paint a larger piece and see if I can remember the many things  Qiang taught us in the workshop.

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  1. Nicely done. I so enjoy your posts.

    A teacher I took from one time told me that the human eye does not compute more than 5 values of a color. I haven't ever really pursued that, but your statement reminded me of that. She says before she starts a painting she makes 5 puddles of each color. I think I would be bored after all that! Maybe that will be my next quest is to learn to paint roses and leaves and use that theory. I have been tempted to go gather a bunch of leaves before they are gone and practice.

    Have you ever lost a painting you are working on? I can't believe that I lost one today! I think The gremlins must be harassing me because I have some paint missing that I had just bought the other day also! LOL

  2. I loved that you shared the 5 values story.How interesting and it makes sense. Thank you Sharlette.
    Gremlins must have taken a vacation from my studio to yours!

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  4. Julie, wonderful series of rose paintings--just set up some roses on my still life table-- will see if I can manage to get to them today.

  5. Julie, I so appreciated your commentary about the values. Minimalistic thinking seems to be the way to approach painting in every category-and, also, to help keep the studio organized. I finally found my misplaced item. Today- I organize again! Enjoy, Eileen


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