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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chardin Copy

Chardin Copy

6x6in  oil on canvas board   $85.

Detail: The Silver Goblet 1768

Jean-Baptiste Chardin was born in Paris and lived there his whole life.
He is acknowledged as one of the greatest Still Life painters in the History of Art.
Chardin found beauty in everyday objects and had an amazing ability with the single human figure. Placing them in silent, motionless yet profoundly human environments.
I was fortunate enough to see his exhibition, Chardin in 2000. There was a painting which brought me to tears. Glass of Water and Coffee PotVery simple and perfect.
The reason his work has stood the test of time with contemporary artists is because his work is perfectly crafted with the abstract of: shape, color, value texture and composition.  Chardin simplifies. Shadow and empty space are important. Colors abandon mimicry and move in close harmony.
His influence can clearly seen on todays artists.

Chardin said, 'He who has not felt the difficulties of his art does nothing that counts.'
Bless him - that makes me feel better!

Another one of his quotes I like:
'One makes use of pigments, but one paints with ones feelings.'

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