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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bonnard Copy

Bonnard Copy

6x6in  oil on canvas board   $85.

Detail: Table in Front of Window 1934-5

What a difference to go from the previous painting by Zubaran to this one by Pierre Bonnard.
I actually had started this one earlier and had to wait for the first layer to dry because Bonnard's method was to paint on top of paint (layers) and I wished to see what I could learn from this method. He worked in a loose painterly manner without three dimensional modeling and conventional perspective. How freeing! His beautiful use of color is pure eye candy.

Bonnard was a member of group called Les Nabis (prophets) and they believed that color should be used independently of objective reality. His lifelong friend Vuillard, was also a member and I find his work amazing too.
As a former Brit I do know that Bonnard was one of the few foreign artists to be elected into the Royal Academy in London.
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