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Friday, October 14, 2011

Taking Qiang Huang's Workshop

Qiang Huang Workshop

8x10in oil on canvas  

I am in Albuquerque for the Qiang Huang workshop. Last year I hosted the workshop for Qiang in Las Cruces and this year I am co-hosting it here with a wonderful artist and friend, Peggy Jones.
She provides the brains - reservations etc, and I provide the brawn - setting up the 16 still life stations and crawling under tables getting light cords to them all.

This morning Qiang explained his personal philosophy and generously credited his influences/mentors. He then proceeded to blow us all away with a fabulous demonstration. I recommend you go to his blog
to see the demo he did.
In the afternoon we all painted from our own set-ups. Mine is above and not quite finished.
Qiang came around as we were setting up, advising each of us and, in my case, he asked what the focal point would be and suggested the lightest apple be moved to that area. During his demo he had carefully shown us how to gradually move the values towards the light(est) area which is the focal point. He paints the LIGHT!
He made several excellent suggestions each time he came around. Qiang is a marvelous teacher and takes time with every student. I am one happy camper. I love to learn. Tomorrow we do 'a high key' painting.

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  1. I took a workshop in Bartlesville with him this past summer. He is a wonderful artist as well as a very warm and sincere human being and so eager to help his students. I posted his demos on my blog as well as a visit to a local gallery owner that started representing Richard Schmidt in his early years.

  2. Loved reading this post. I found his suggestion to move the apple very interesting. Your painting is excellent!

  3. Beautiful painting! Your description of Qiang Huang's teaching style is what I would imagine from reading his blog. He seems to be a very humble and genuine person. I hope to take one of his workshops some day. Thank you for sharing your wonderful painting.


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