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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rose Study #3

Rose Study #3

7x5in oil on canvas board  $90.

Today I was concentrating only on the brush strokes. Qiang usually does one beautiful stroke and then goes back to his palette to pick up more paint. I am at the stage where it should be easier but it isn't. This is actually the sixth rose I have done. I tried to paint a white rose this morning and I made the mistake of going over parts I had already done - a common mistake - and it lost the glow. Paint quality is very  important and I am trying to break this habit.
I used a number 8 (flat) bristle and a 1/2 inch (bright) synthetic and tried to do single, straight strokes with juicy paint. I found I was using the side of the brushes to do the smaller areas and was full of admiration for Qiang and his skill with large brushes.  At the end I did some swift edge work. Qiang breaks up some edges with quick flicks using a soft brush. His skill is knowing where to do this and I will have to learn by trial and error. What fun!

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  1. I was in awe of his ability to do the things he did with so few strokes! Lots of practice and a gift of knowing where to stroke the canvas!

    I'm working on the practice part, I just need to have more time to practice! New grandbaby has taken me away but I'll get back to the studio!

    Looks great Julie! I'm envious..LOL

  2. Lovely light on the rose, Julie.

  3. Hi Julie, I'm loving these roses, beautiful. It must have been a great workshop. Your blog is very informative too..........I love how you explain it so well.

  4. Thank you for sharing your experiences on these studies of roses and telling us how much you struggle although you are an already accomplish painter!Lovely results.Would love to put few questions for my blog do you have a mail address I can write to.Many thanks Monique Shaw
    PS how do you get a 'juicy' paint?


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