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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gauguin Copy

Gauguin Copy

6x6in oil on canvas board  85.

Detail from,  Still Life With Mangos. Paul Gauguin.

I love most of Gauguin's work and I picked this piece because the colors were so vibrant after my previous copy of a painting by Cezanne. Although this was painted some 14 years after the Cezanne piece, I could still pick out some similar, parallel stroke work.  I noticed that Gauguin also used a cross-hatch stroke in flat areas. Both artists really observed each value/color change across the form and both outline the shapes. I did some research on this piece and was amazed at the different colors in each reproduction I looked at, even in the two books I own. I was wondering if the brighter images were after a restoration?
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  1. Beautiful! I think there is a lot to be learned from copying a painting by a master. When I do, I think "oh that's how you do that!".

  2. Thank you, Virginia. I am learning a great deal.

  3. well I think that is what I should do, although I have done one of Chardin and I am not to sure this has been beneficial. I feel I can copy a painter (everything is given on a plate!)but I do not want to paint "a la maniere de" SO I am back with my own observation and way to paint.Look out tomorrow at my blog moniqueshaw-artblog I will have post the Chardin'scopy.

  4. I will look forward to checking your blog tomorrow to see the Chardin copy, Monique, and I hope other readers do as well.
    You wrote that "everything is given on a plate" I agree it is easy to copy the "surface" look of a painting but at art school they had us copy the masters to learn the many different aspects of a particular work. That is what I am enjoying doing now with this series.


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