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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rose Study #4

Rose Study #4

6x8in oil on canvas board   $100.

Roses...roses...I am going to be dreaming roses!
It mercifully only took one attempt at painting a rose today. I am getting better at remembering to only use one brush stroke then go back for more paint. I used the same brushes as yesterday and managed to stop piddling around so much. I used a cooler gray in the shadows to emphasize the color of the rose.
It occurred to me that the leaves need the same amount of attention as the rose and I remember Qiang Huang working on his leaf paintings. He would do beautiful little studies which would make my jaw drop and then I would read his blog where he would say he still needed to learn by doing some more. What a humble man and how encouraging to know someone of his ability keeps working at something to improve.
Here is a little beauty showing Qiang's  rose leaves. Scroll down until you reach June 8th. There are several other leaf paintings for you to enjoy as you scroll.

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  1. You have a lovely site and you paint beautifully!


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