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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Qiang Huang's Workshop, Day Three

Day Three

8x6in  oil on canvas board - not for sale

This is another high key painting. I feel this painting captures more of what Qiang was teaching us both in brush use, paint application and theory.
The last day was very full. Qiang gave another amazing demonstration ( by popular request) and also went through a very informative session on the business side of blogging. The information packet he provided was full of step by step information which he emphasizes by using a powerpoint system. Great stuff and easy to follow.
So... you get a wonderful, generous man who is a gifted teacher as well as an amazingly talented painter. You also have the added bonus of Qiang attracting serious artists of all levels (this one was filled with high caliber painters) which makes a very stimulating environment.
I highly recommend his workshops.


  1. Beautiful colors. I'd love to take one of his workshops.

  2. All your paintings are lovely however this one, for me, is especially great! Wonderful airy quality. I love higher key paintings and pansies are such a satisfying flower to paint. They are so beautiful. Awesome!


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