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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Colored Patterns

Colored Patterns

8x6in oil on canvas board 100.

I have a friend who thinks I paint "too tonal" - this piece should settle that!
I have been told that if you are a natural tonalist you will always be that way and the most you can hope for it to learn to "push" your color. Same thing goes for a natural "colorist" because if they want to they can learn to tone it down a bit with grays . When I teach I can see that there is a lot of truth in the theory.
By the way, the friend who thinks I am too tonal is...surprise, surprise, a natural colorist.

Anyway, the New Mexico landscape today is another deliberate attempt to be bolder with the color while I am taking myself out of my comfort zone with a new technique. The interesting thing is I have not changed any color on my palette, I am just mixing and placing the colors differently.
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