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Friday, November 18, 2011

The Bali Calendar

The Bali Calendar

8x6in  oil on canvas Board  Not for sale.

A very dear friend gave me this hand-carved calendar which was made in Bali. Most of the design has been burnt into the wood slats with a fine tool. The Months are in English, but the other writing is in Balinese. It is a work of art and I love it.
I am going to send this painting to my friend as a gift and I do hope she likes it.

This is the first time I have managed to incorporate the calendar into a still life set-up and I found that the hanging pull can take over the whole I placed the pull next to the pansies as part of the bouquet.

I enjoyed working with the yellow again and will try a different yellow harmony tomorrow.                            

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  1. What a beautiful gift, Julie! I'm sure your friend will absolutely love this Bali Calendar. The silver bowl is beautifully painted, as well as the flowers.! Love it.

  2. Rich and bold, love the treatment of the flowers, soft edges and fluid brushmarks, a little palette Knife too. Excellent!

  3. I am sure she will love it, too! This is a very pleasing composition. And I really like the reflections on the silver bowl.


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