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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Not a Rose to be Seen!

Not A Rose to be Seen!

8x6in oil on canvas board  100.

For those of you prepared to see another rose painting, this will be a surprise.
I enjoy doing the DailyPaintworks Challenge when I have time, so today I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and do this figurative piece. Not using my palette knife...just the brush.

The Crowd Challenge was submitted by Carole Marine with the following directions...
There is a lot going on in this photo of a crowded German Restaurant. Try your hand at selecting and painting part of the crowd.

I  liked the figures in this section of the reference photo, but I did not want to paint the woman smoking so I changed her hand a little bit. I loved seeing her purse on her lap and the shopping bag between her legs. Very natural habits shared by women the world over.
I also changed a few other things to fit my idea of what would help the painting.

New paintings are submitted to the Challenge all week long and as there are some really good figure painters in the group, I will look forward to seeing what everyone else has done.

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